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Guidelines for Prevention of Running up Game Scores

LARS Reps & Coaches,

The committee of club representatives that organize the boys association for intramural play have unanimously agreed that there need not be a set "Romp Rule" in place to prevent the running up of scores in boys youth soccer matches at the intramural level in Lancaster County. Each coach should discuss these guidelines with their counterpart 5 minutes prior to the start of the match.

The responsibility for prevention of running up scores falls directly on the coaches. Any coach guilty of allowing his/her team to run up scores should be reported to the commissioner. The commissioner will contact the coach and the reporter and ensure that the policy is understood. Any repeat or continued offence of the policy will be reported to the home club for disciplinary action.

A simple guideline is that no team should have more than a 4 goal lead before instituting restrictions on play. Restrictions should be done in a subtle manner so as to not embarrass other coaches or players. The unwritten point spread rule that was agreed upon in 2007 is: Coaches should do their best to keep from beating a team by more than 5-7 goals.

Opportunities for a team down by 5 goals: (Instituted spring 2015)
• The team down by 5 goals may add a player for the remainder of the game. This can be done without a stoppage in play with the referee's approval. This does not change the responsibility of the coach of the leading team to institute the below restrictions.
Some simple restrictions for the team with the 5 goal lead are:
• Have players pass and shoot with their "off" foot
• Have players target one or two team mates for scoring (someone who hasn't scored yet this season)
• Players must score on "crossed balls" only with one touch into goal.
• Players must bring ball inside penalty area then back to Center circle and attack again before being able to shoot.
• You can pull a player off and play short to help the situation.

You can use any one or any combination of the above to help control runaway scores…….if it's a one game thing and many players are scoring, no restrictions are necessary as long as no one player has more than 2 goals….teams should not be restricted from this type success. If it's more than one game then you must take action. The goal is to provide a learning environment where soccer is still fun for everyone…..If a coach is not capable of accomplishing this then they need to look at themselves and ask serious questions about why they are out there.

Any coaches having questions about this policy or what they can do that's for the good of the player to remedy any issues regarding youth soccer may contact the LBYSA Commissioner. The commissioner's contact info can be found on the league website.
The people of the committee represent all clubs in the county and we all expect coaches to conduct themselves and keep their players acting as "Good Sports" at all times!