Lancaster Area Recreational League



The full soccer year is comprised of a fall and then spring season. Player, team, insurance, and EPYSA voting rights fees are only required to be paid once per year. The spring fees would then only consist of a new player fee. If you should only play in one season, full fees are still required.

All registration will take place through your club's unique Club Connect site. Stack Sports is the company and U.S. Soccer Connect is the registration product that Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer is using for our database. All data is new this year and previous information/registration data will not transfer from the old system. Once a players data is entered, it will not need to be entered again...ever.

Click HERE for the basic overview of registration for clubs.

Click HERE to download club instructions on using US Soccer Connect for registering your players.

If you have any questions about registering your players/teams with US Soccer Connect, please refer to these websites/support options or call 1-866-892-0777, press 2 for Support, 2 for Club & League Connect, and 1 again for Club & League Connect.

This may be a helpful document for registering your teams with the league! HERE

US Soccer Connect Support Email Club User Guide
Coach Registration FAQ US Soccer Connect Webinar Recording
Team Creation/Registration Player Registration Event Creation
Risk Management/Clearance Directions Those Required To Get Clearances

If you are interested in your club/team joining the LARS league, please contact the Commissioner for league approval. Then you can begin the process HERE.

Intramural Teams Registration: U9 and under are registered separately and you pay the fees for these teams directly to EPYSA.


How to Register to a League:
1. Once your team is age/id verified (Team Approval Status will read "Approved"), you can go back into the
system to register for a league.
2. Select the blue bar "Register for a league or tournament"
3. Select the league this team will join and complete the league registration form.


After all the players are added and everything is approved, the registrar will send each club an invoice. Payment will be due by 5 days after invoice is emailed by registrar. - If any players are added to to the roster after payment has been submitted, payment for the late registrars can be mailed after the due date.

Payment instructions will be on the invoice.

If you have any questions about registering teams with the EPYSA please contact the league registrar.