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This page contains information on all the clearances that coaches and club administrators need to have in order to be compliant with the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association (EPYSA), the state of PA. and the CDC (Center for Disease Control). After the background checks are completed the Risk Management (RM) form can be submitted.

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Complete clearances #1-3 using the links below. After you received your clearances complete clearance #4. (During clearance #4 you will be asked if you completed the prior 3.) You will need to give a copy of your clearances to your clubs director.

Clearance #1

State Police (DHS) Clearance - complete every 3 years

Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Proof of Clearance for the State Police check will be online only. You will need to login using the info you receive when filling out the online form to check to see when your clearance is processed.

State Police Online Form

Clearance #2

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance - complete every 3 years

PA Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS).

Child Abuse Clearance Online Form

Go to Child Welfare Website Home Page and login area to access online form

Child Abuse Mail-in Clearance Form (PDF)

Download PDF

Proof of Clearance for the Child Abuse History Clearance will come by mail in the form of a certificate. Plus you will be able to print a copy from the website.

Clearance #3

*FBI Clearance Request

* This check applies only if you have not lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years.

Background Check Home Page: This page explains the process & contains links to pages from where you can register to be fingerprinted.

Clearance #4

EPYSA Risk Management Resources - once a year

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA).

This check needs done once a year, in the fall, unless you start coaching in the spring. If your position in the club changes you will need to update your records. Example: You coach U10 in the fall but coach U12 in the spring.

All risk management and submission of clearance documents is completed in each club's connect site thru coaches registration.


HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training Video - Complete once a year

This is a free online course via the CDC's website.

Coaches & club administrators are required to take the course once a year. Complete the training and quiz, then print out the certificate. The club is required to keep a copy of the certificate on file.

The course is intended to provide coaches, parents & players with the knowledge necessary to be able to recognize possible signs of a concussion and arming coaches with a set of protocols to follow that will help insure the proper steps are taken to ensure the athlete's safety.

To take the free online course via the CDC's website click the image below. The course is about 30 minutes.


Keep Kids Safe Website (Info)